Our Story

Local Lending Company, previously The Fort Collins Local Development Company, was founded in 1977 to support the economic redevelopment of Downtown Fort Collins by serving as a supplemental source of capital for local business and real estate owners.

In the 1970s, many historic buildings in Downtown Fort Collins stood in stages of decay, appearing neglected and unappreciated. The formation of the Local Lending Company was inspired by three local businessmen who were interested in saving The McHugh House, located at 202 Remington Street which is the building that is now home to St. Peter’s Fly Shop. As one of the first historic buildings in Downtown Fort Collins to be extensively renovated, the project was instrumental in paving the way for other such projects.

Through the efforts of the Local Lending Company and its volunteer Board of Directors, those buildings now create a colorful ambiance for residents and visitors alike, and Old Town Fort Collins is recognized and revered as a downtown destination with robust culture and history.

Over the years, the Local Lending Company has adapted its focus to match the needs of the times. As a nonprofit, private organization made up of an all-volunteer Board, the Local Lending Company’s humble profile is one reason many people are surprised to discover the number of noteworthy projects it has helped to fund.

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